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Incident Survey

FIRST, report all vandalism, speeding, property damage, and any other incident to the police by calling 911.  All calls for service are dispatched in this way.  

SECOND,report mail theft by calling the Postal Inspectors @ 206-442-6300. 

THIRD, enter your information and then describe the incident in the text-box. This informal survey will aid our Winterwood Traffic and Safety Committee in maintaining our quality of life and property. The Committee will not normally notify the police/postal inspectors.  

Your Name:  

Your Phone: 

Your E-Mail:  

Did you report to the police?  Yes  Police Case Number:     No  

Item/Structure involved:

If mail was involved, did you report to the postal inspector?  

                                                                Yes  Report Number:    No   


Incident Date:          

Time of day:             

Witnessed?: Yes No

Details of the incident: (please be specific as you can)

Then click Submit 

Your information will be submitted to the WEHOA board.  Thank you for your input.

Winterwood Estates Homeowners Association 

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PO Box 7035, Covington, WA 98042-0040.

E-mail:  WinterwoodHOA   

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