Winterwood Estates Homeowners Association




Mailbox Specifications:


Maximum dimensions that can be reasonably accepted in current enclosures:

Depth: 22 in.

Height: 15 in.

Width:  11.5 in.


Boxes must be black.



·         Some have a slot or door that ONLY accommodates mail, NOT packages.


·         Boxes MUST be black and fit reasonably in the current mailbox enclosures.


·         Some are pretty pricey.




‘Example’ sites and products: – Residential boxes

(Coronado Mailboxes; non-locking and locking options) – Locking Security Mailbox (does not facilitate package delivery)


Locally - Home Depot, Ace Hardware, McLendons, and Johnson’s Home and Garden (Maple Valley) also carry mailboxes.




October, 2008.