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Coming Events 

   2020 Events Calendar Updated  (PDF)


  Board of Directors meeting @ Winterwood Office, 7:00 PM, last Tuesday of every month except as noted on the events calendar above. 

 .  If your lot backs up to the power transmission lines,
go to the link below for the latest information from the BPA. 


 *****     From Puget Sound Energy:  CALL 811 before digging. *****
Underground gas & electric lines can be found where you'd least expect them.
Digging without knowing what's below puts you at risk fir injury and a big bill for repairs.  Don't take the chance.  Call 811 two full business days before you dig.

CURRENT BURN BAN INFO! https://pscleanair.gov/328/Outdoor-Burning  

NOISE ORDINANCE INFO: https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/health/environmental-health/healthy-communities/noise-guidelines.aspx 

If you're experiencing loud and raucous neighborhood noise, you     should call the King County Sheriff's non-emergency line at 206-296-3311.                                                                                                               

  • If it is a construction matter, you should call DPER at 206-296-6680           
  •  Be courteous of your neighbors & keep to the guidelines 9pm to 11pm           for your fireworks this independence day                                      

WARNING 3/23/2020

King County Parks are closed due to Coronavirus.  Using the Parks, located in Winterwood, is done at one's own risk.